My Areas of Expertise​

Reg. Development & B2B Sales

Across my multiple years of experience I've developed unique business development strategy and tactics to boost sales in any small and medium firm willing to expand on a regional level.

Multi-Sided Platforms

Having worked for my own startup, Too Good To Go, Loonity, Terranostra and, I've acquired the expertise to push multi-sided platforms to the next level. I also teach online and offline about it.

Artificial Intelligence

With my specialized expertise in no-code generative artificial intelligence, I can offer unique solutions to automate and refine any enterprise's sales and marketing operations.

Multilingual Communication

My personal and professional journey has been shaped by my proficiency in seven languages. Thanks to this, I was able to craft a specific methodology to learn any language.

Companies I've Worked For

My Education


Master's Degree in Business Administration (Specialization in Business Development and Promotion)


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Specialization in Marketing)

My Certificates

Regional Development & Sales

A dynamic and empathetic professional, I have always been passionate about regional development and B2B sales. My expertise lies in understanding the unique needs of different regions, particularly Ticino, and implementing strategies that promote sustainable growth and development. In my role at newhome, I have been instrumental in leading regional sales and marketing activities, primarily in the B2B sector. I was responsible for collecting and analyzing regional primary and secondary market data and successfully created and implemented strategies for market revitalization. My work also includes pricing and development of new bundled and individual services and strategic business development support with market intelligence. I was able to leverage my knowledge of seven languages and my experience in business development of online platforms to achieve these goals. Finally, I also consulted local companies in Ticino to develop their own products and services and, most importantly, sell them in a strategically structured and well thought-out manner.

Multi-Sided platforms

My career path in multi-sided platforms has been marked by roles in major companies such as Too Good To Go and In these roles, I developed and coordinated teams, honing my skills in managing diverse stakeholders. A significant part of my work was creating business and marketing plans, as well as supporting management with strategic input. This involved identifying key market drivers and formulating growth strategies, tailored to the specific needs of each platform. On the practical side, I implemented these strategies and initiated the beta testing phases of the products. This hands-on experience, particularly with Too Good To Go and, provided valuable insights into the dynamics of multi-sided platforms. Finally, my entrepreneurial venture, Jumparu, my dissertation, and my role as a university lecturer teaching on multi-sided platforms allowed me to share and deepen my experience. This blend of practical and academic experience has enriched my understanding of these complex systems.

Artificial Intelligence

With specialized expertise in artificial intelligence, I offer unique solutions to automate and refine your company’s sales and marketing operations. By harnessing AI’s potential, we can simplify processes, improve accuracy, and enhance customer engagement through personalized strategies.

Currently, I’m leading projects that are at the forefront of AI advancements. These projects provide me with the insights and tools to keep your company at the cutting edge of technology. Leveraging this knowledge, I can facilitate a seamless transition towards a more efficient, AI-integrated business model. Trust in my expertise to guide your company into the new era of smart, AI-powered business strategies.

Multilingual Communication

My journey, both academic and professional, has been shaped by my proficiency in seven languages – English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. This ability to navigate various cultural landscapes has been instrumental in various roles, particularly when conducting market analyses and formulating strategies.

Further, I’ve developed a unique language learning methodology that emphasizes understanding each language’s cultural nuances. This approach not only enhances my multilingual communication skills, but it also deepens my comprehension of cultural diversity’s role in business strategy, making multilingual communication my core expertise.


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